2018 Season

SPRINGbreak ChoreoFest07-27-17__SorchaAugustine_170628-(ZF-5263-87122-1-001)
March 26–30, 2018
Dairy Arts Center, Boulder CO

SPRINGbreak ChoreoFest is an incubator for modern and contemporary dance choreography for emerging and seasoned artists.
The program provided dancers and 7 choreographers with  rehearsal time to create a new dance work-in-progress.
These pieces were then shown in the Grace Gamm Theater with full production on Friday March 30, 2018 at 7:30pm, open to the public.

The purpose of SBCF is not to have a complete work by the end of the week, but the start of something that will then grow independently. We are interested to see the spark of creative ideas and foster networking amongst dance artists nationwide.

WAXworks NYSunrise Amphitheatre_vertical
May 20, 2018
Triskelion Arts Center, Brooklyn NY

WAXworks is a juried showcase from emerging and seasoned choreographers presented at the Muriel Schulman Theater at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY.

T2 Dance Project performed a piece combining dance of stage and on screen.
Choreography, film, and script by Erin Tunbridge
Live performance by Bridget Heddens
Film performance by Melissa Coleman Sperber
Vocals by Maggie Lockhart
Special thanks to Katie Elliott, Joe Howard, Rachel Inman, Michael Sperber, and  Leymis Bolaños Wilmott
Sponsored by Mike’s Camera Boulder

June 8–9, 2018
Colorado Ballet’s Black Box Theater, Denver CO

A double-bill: T2 Dance Project and Thomas Dance Project in one show.

Both Erin Tunbridge (T2 Dance Project) and Kevin Gael Thomas (Thomas Dance Project) are foreign nationals now living in the United States. Home is an idea that they have been discussing for a while and now presented different perspectives of that universal concept we all share through dance.

The show featured T2 Dance Project’s film A Rootless Tree along with a variety of dance and screen premieres designed to enlighten, entertain, and expand understanding of what is home.

SLICE – part of the Boulder International Fringe FestivalSlice Image_cut
August 16–19, 2018
Pine St. Church, Fellowship Hall, Boulder CO

A slice of works from the T2 repertoire as well as from Guest Choreographers Claire Kendall & Madison Plummer (selected from SPRINGbreak ChoreoFest 2018). They have each received the opportunity to expand and develop the works that the created during SBCF and set their work on the T2 company dancers.


An exploration into the concept and question of home, highlighting a common place we all share. Filmed in Sydney and Camden Haven, NSW Australia; Boulder and Colorado Springs, CO United States; and Sarasota, FL United States.
Director Statement: As a foreign national, home is an idea that has changed for me over time, especially of late. By sharing my understanding of it we hope to provide comfort and enlightenment to all.