Virtual Performance Now Available

Color Wheel Project 2023 was performed at the Dairy Arts Center on Sunday, April 2nd.
The recorded performance is available now through May 31, 2023.
Get your access here.

The Color Wheel Project is an arts production that emphasizes how visual arts and dance can intersect.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Classes: T2 Dance Company works with elementary students in their visual art classes demonstrating how visual arts can inform and create dance.
  2. Artwork Creation: Students create their own visual art works based on their favorite color and submit these to T2 Dance Company.
  3. Dance Creation & Performance: The T2 Dancers select an artwork each to be used as inspiration to create new dances. These dances are performed by the T2 Company Dancers.

Interested in the Color Wheel Project at your school? Contact us. We’d love to work with you.


Click here to get your CWP 2023 Artist Shirt.

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Thank you profoundly for the beautiful and meaningful experience The Color Wheel Project was this year. It was a fantastic show and the choreography was so strong!! It was remarkable how the connections between the visual work, the movements, and the costumes were so clear and compelling.
[Student name omitted] came to school on the Monday after the show wearing his Color Wheel T-shirt and positively beaming when I shared photos and videos of the show with the rest of the fourth grade. The Color Wheel is a truly special program that is having a huge impact on these kids’ lives.

-Anna Ura, Friends School

The choreography was gorgeous. The program elevates and celebrates student artwork and beautifully demonstrates the intersection of dance, art, and music. It is a very special and impactful program!
-Audience Member

The experience of modern dance being broken up by interviews with the student artists really added a charm that I’ve not experienced before.
-Audience Member