Amanda Carlson | Company Dancer

Amanda Carlson Sturdevant

Amanda Carlson, a native of Colorado, is a choreographer, dancer,  group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Amanda is the lead choreographer and co producer for Theatrical Fashion Shows with Night One Productions. She has produced and choreographed shows throughout Colorado, New York and Dubai. Amanda lived in New York City for many years pursuing her love of dance and movement.  After New York, Amanda moved to Dubai where she was a principal dancer with Sima Dance Company. While in Dubai she also taught dance, and group fitness classes.

Amanda has trained in a wide range of techniques including Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Latin styling, and many different street styles. By far her favorite movement style is contemporary floorwork. She loves teaching floorwork techniques and choreography.

When in New York City, Amanda dances and performs with Kalamadir Dance Company, Breaking Conformity Productions, and The Invitation Company. Amanda was on the substitute and assistant teacher faculty at the world-renowned Broadway Dance Center (NYC) as well as working with the junior and teen program. Amanda continues to pursue training in all styles of dance, movement and fitness.