George Street is a new work from T2 Dance Company that will premiere at the drive-in performance on Sept 19 & 20. George Street has seven residents, each with their fun quirks and funky dance moves, and brought to life by the T2 Dancers.

Below is an introduction to each character.
We want you to vote for your favorite.

$1 = 1 vote. The character with the most votes will be crowned Queen of George Street following T2’s drive-in performance on Sunday, Sept 20.
As Queen, the winning character will have a solo created on her as a sequel to George Street. This will be shared with all who vote.

George Street Characters

(in order of appearance)

Kanoni from Zanzibar

The smell of her fried plantains
Blows nose kisses out her window.

Kanoni flows like the water she loves. Her friends would say she can’t sit still, but as a loyal friend, she’ll bring you along for the adventure. When she cooks for you, you see her love and enthusiasm.

Audrey from the City

Her best friends are a potted crew of house plants.

Audrey will let you know that she’s proud to be from the city with its picnics in the afternoon and lights at night. Fiercely independent, she can take care of herself. But, if you get to know her as a friend, you know she’ll bring the excitement and spontaneity to even the most boring days.

Eva Garcia

Be advised: she can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

Eva brings things together. Type A and a free spirit, she’s full of contradictions. Her friends would say she’s the mom of the group. She’s a maker; an engineer by day and a baker by night.

Bold Joey

Down to earth she’s not, we’ve admitted.

You know Joey is coming from a mile away by the swing in her step and the smack of her bubble gum. Her friends know her to be goofy, if a little clueless.

Kourtney with a “K”

She’s like the Mona Lisa of yoga.
Yet on the bike she’s the Madonna of spin.

Always on the go, you’d likely find Kourtney with a green juice in hand on her way to spin class. An outgoing introvert, she’s more complex than might meet the eye. The center of fun in the neighborhood, you can tag along from anywhere watching her social media.

Shy Lyanna

There’s two places she most likes to be – on horseback and anywhere with a book.

 If she doesn’t have her nose in a book, you can find Lyanna horseback riding. Quiet and intelligent, Lyanna avoids crowds at all costs, but when you get to know her, you’ll see she’s got a silly side to her.

Cowgirl Olive

Her spirits thrive in open spaces.
Stetson in hand, she’s ready for new faces.

Spunky is the first word that comes to mind to describe Cowgirl Olive. Her love of animals is met only by her loyalty to her friends. As a rancher’s daughter she is anything but dull and she’ll remind you with her wit. Olive is always hard at work, but finds joy in the little things…like her stetson hat.

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