Modern with Jamie Shuler

Tuesday March 27, 2018
Boulder Ballet studio 2 at the Dairy Arts Center (2590 Walnut St. Boulder)
$10 – cash, check, or credit card. (note: credit card is $13)

About Jamie’s class:
My modern class is informed by the style & format of Katie Elliott’s 3rd Law Dance/Theater company class as well as my previous mentors. We begin by warming up the body and mind in linear and nonlinear pathways to prepare for full body movement later in class. We ground our weight to connect with gravity as well as incorporating elements from ballet technique for when we are asked to work against it. We explore energy moving outwards from our center in all directions at all times in order to make a never-ending/continuous mark in space.  There is always room for personal interpretation as the class acts as an outline in order to allow each body to reach new limits, make choices and speak through movement.


About Jamie:
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Jamie Melaragno Schuler is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She grew up dancing with Maria Caruso at Bodiography Contemporary Ballet. Jamie went on to earn a BFA in dance from Florida State University in 2011 where she studied under Anjali Austin, Lynda Davis, Suzanne Farrell, Tim Glenn, Gerri Houlihan, Sheila Humphreys, Rick McCullough, Anthony Morgan, Dan Wagoner, Tom Welsh and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar. During her undergraduate education, Jamie was a member of the The Tallahassee Ballet. Upon graduation Jamie moved to Boulder, Colorado where she has performed with 3rd Law Dance/Theater since 2012. She currently teaches with Colorado Conservatory of Dance, 3rd Law Dance/Theater and Colorado Ballet. Jamie is certified in the GYROKINESIS® system; she enjoys teaching this technique and incorporating this knowledge into the rest of her movement work.


Photos provided by 3rd Law Dance/Theater, Photo Credit: Annabelle Denmark