Online Classes

We want to stay connected to our community and continue to keep our bodies moving and healthy. Join us for these virtual classes by making a donation (suggested $5–$10/class, $25+ for a full week, $60+ for all 3 weeks). Link to class will be sent to the email provided at time of donation.


All classes are donation-based. A zoom link is provided via email 1 hour before each class.

Open Contemporary Dance / T2 Company Warm-upSCD_9-22_1820
Mondays 9:00–10:00am MT
Taught by Melissa Coleman Sperber

Within a warm up structure of floor and somatic work the dancer is prepared for a fully embodied class, which will balance strength and release training. The body is then ready to safely journey through expansive center and traveling phrase work. Class ends with light cardiovascular training followed by a cool down.

Open Contemporary Dance / T2 Company Warm-upBrandon Welch bodyshot
Wednesdays 9:00–10:00am
Taught by Brandon Welch

My class aims to create a safe space where dancers can explore authentic expression and engage with principles of contemporary release technique.  Through experiencing grounded movement, intentional breathing and releasing tension in the body, students can partake in physical and mental renewal. My class will encourage students to take risks as well as move freely and confidently through floorwork and contemporary phrase work.

All Levels Yogayoga 1
Thursdays 5:15–6:15pm MT
Taught by Nicole Charleson

Nicole lives by the quote, “there is no ‘right time,’ there is just time and what you choose to do with it.” Her yoga method is rooted in the traditional Hatha style with some flare of power yoga to build both a strong body and mind. She lives for adventure in both yoga and life; however recognizes the importance of discipline and balance.

Strength & ConditioningScreen Shot 2020-04-13 at 5.35.32 PM
Fridays 8:00–9:00am MT
Taught by Kate Gomez Moore

Start your day off with a full body work-out. This class offers the body a reprieve from the static positions that cause stiffness and aches throughout the day. This all-levels class is centered around strengthening the major muscle groups and core, and often will include stretching and lengthening exercises.