Summer Virtual ChoreoFest

Sunday, August 23, 2020

SBCF 2020_image 2.1Summer Virtual ChoreoFest is an adaptation of T2’s SPRINGbreak ChoreoFest program that was canceled this year due to COVID-19.

Four Choreographers will have 8 hours of zoom rehearsal time to work with the Dancers. On Sunday, August 23rd, T2 presented a webinar that showcased what each Choreographer has created and interviews the Choreographer’s themselves.


The purpose of the program is not to have a complete work by the end, but the start of something that will then grow independently. We are interested to see the spark of creative ideas and foster networking amongst dance artists nationwide.

Choreographers: Felicia Avalos, Jamie Carr, Claire Fisher, Kate Gomez Moore.

Dancers: Jamie Carr, Cassie Eron, Claire Fisher, Veronica Goldberg, Samantha Lewis, Kate Gomez Moore, Emma Scher, Amanda Carlson Sturdevant.

Photography by Josh Pacheco.