What is the Color Wheel Project

The Color Wheel Project is an arts production that emphasizes how visual arts, music, and dance can intersect while also enabling community connections. The production incorporates:

  • Visual art works from BVSD Elementary Students (artworks about their favorite color are created through a series of workshops with T2)
  • Dance from T2 Dance Company (choreographed by the company dancers)
  • Music from local musicians
created & performed
by the
T2 Company Dancers
inspired byArrow
Visual artwork from BVSD Elementary Students
accompanied byArrow
Original Music by local Artists

The T2 Company Dancers will each select an artwork from the elementary students’ submissions. This will be their inspiration in creating a new contemporary dance piece for the performance. T2 is also collaborating with local musicians to present a unique score for the production with a smooth jazz flavor.

Participating schools currently have the option to select the performance as a virtual experience or a live drive-in performance. We hope to be back in the theater soon.

Interested in the Color Wheel Project at your school? Contact us. We’d love to work with you.


by Karol Thomas

Flatirons ES
by Eli Moran & Maxwell Ludke
Coal Creek ES
by Paige Montgomery
Coal Creek ES

by Caroline Robarge
Coal Creek ES

by Maggie Grey
Coal Creek ES
by Afton Serrato
Coal Creek ES
by the students of Meadowlark ES

Watch the webinar (April 19, 2020) featuring the T2 company dancers:

View a slideshow of all student’s artwork with the CWP music: