Saturday, April 30 – 4pm & 7pm
Dairy Arts Center
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T2 is a proud recipient of 2021/22 grants from the Boedecker Path to Excellence Program, Boulder Arts Commission, Boulder County Arts Alliance, City & County of Broomfield, City of Lafayette, Colorado Creative Industries, Dairy Arts Center Education, Town of Erie, Louisville Cultural Arts Council, and National Endowment for the Arts.
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Above photo by Machmer M(ov)ement.

The T2 Lane in Australia is the transit lane for vehicles carrying 2 or more people. This lane allows those traveling together to drive in a designated express lane avoiding the rest of the traffic.
We believe that working together to make art works allows us to excel creatively.

T2 Dance Company is a group of dance artists working together to connect the community through dance on screen, on stage, and in non-traditional spaces.