Welcome to VDF 2023 where you’ll see a unique selection of dance films and performances from all over the country and beyond.

January 28th in Colorado AND April 15 in Washington DC

Applications are now closed. Applications for VDF 2024 will open in Fall 2023.

Now in its fifth year, Versatility Dance Festival presents the best in emerging and established dance companies and dance filmmakers from around the country and beyond.

Performance A
Saturday, January 28, 2023  |  7:00pm
Dairy Arts Center (Boulder, CO)
Tickets: thedairy.org

Line-Up includes:
Animus Movement (CO/NY)
Breegan Kearney (CO)
Company E (DC)
CoreDance Contemporary (NY)
Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company (DC)
Emily Cargill & Dancers (FL)
Stacey Temple/DANCE (CO)
The DynamitExperience (NY)
T2 Dance Company (CO)

Performance B
Saturday, April 15, 2023 | 7:00pm
Atlas Performing Arts Center (Washington, DC)
Tickets: coming soon

Line-Up includes:
Breegan Kearney (CO)
Company E (CO)
Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company (DC)
Mika & Company (NJ)
NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre (NY)
S.J.Ewing & Dancers (DC)
Suzanne Ponomarenko Dance (NY)
T2 Dance Company (CO)

Past Artists

3rd Law Dance/Theater (CO)
Alán L. Pérez (CA)
Alyssa Mitchel (CA)
Andrews Movement Project (MA)
Ariel Rivka Dance (NJ)
Ashleyliane Dance Company (MO)
Atlas Dance Collective (UT)
Authentic:Grooves (CA)
Boulder Ballet 2 (CO)
Chutzpah Dance (NJ)
Cindy Brandle Dance Company (CO)
CoreDance Contemporary (NY)
East by North Dance (NY)
Errant Movement​ (CA)
Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance (CO)
Gianna Mercandetti​ (GA)
Gaudanse, inc. (LA)
Hannah Kahn Dance Company (CO)
Industrial Dance Alliance (CO)
Jamal Jackson Dance Company (NY)
Jana Taylor + Dancers (CA)
KP Dance (MO)
Marika Brussel (CA)
Mika and Company (NY)
MotionVivid (UT)
Nosilla Dance Project (CO)
Oquirrh West Project (UT)
Phluxus2 Dance Collective (Australia)
ReVolutions Dance (FL)
Rocky Mountain Rhythm (CO)
SALT Contemporary Dance (UT)
Spacejunk Dance​ (NJ)
Stewart/Owen Dance (NC)
T2 Dance Company (CO)
Vitacca Ballet (TX)
Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company (UT)


Two nights of great dance on stage and screen, the festival runs in Boulder CO on January 28, 2023 and in Washington DC on April 15, 2023. Providing audiences with a wonderful unique arts experience while also providing dance companies with more performance/screening opportunities and networking with other companies nationwide.

For questions about the festival please email info@t2dance.org.

Featured image by Amanda Tipton. T2 Dance Company and CoreDance Contemporary at VDF 2022.